Welcome to Sunrise Academy

Sunrise Academy is established  in 2011. We bleive in excellence and working on accuracy. We focus on qaulity education.  We put our all efforts to deliver end to end quality education.Our motive is to provide practical knowledge insist of theory.  So student can see the real world entity. We are providing services since last three years. The students get there all questions answer here. From last three years we trained students for practical knowledge, so they can perform best in industry. They can work in real world.


Our mission to bring the interest towords the subject over students. Some times students feel physics and chemistry is board subject. but when they see all the things practicly then they turn towords the subject and find that it is really very interesting .


Our vision towords the education provide best knowledge .We have experienced faculty. They provide the best education.Every students can clear any doubt by asking questions,without any fear.And they can perform practical by their.